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5 Annual Big Press Conference Part 15January 31, 2006President of Russia V.PutinRound Hall,the Kremlin,MoscowDAN VAN (Sinkhua agency, People's Republic of China): Vladimir Vladimirovich, they are expecting you in China in March and could you tell us your ideas about the forthcoming visit? What do you expect from this visit? This is my first question.The second is: The year of Russia in China will officially begin and, in turn, the year of China in Russia shall take place the following year. In your opinion how can these two events strengthen relations between the two countries? Thank you.VLADIMIR PUTIN: First of all I would like to say that Russian-Chinese cooperation is a very important factor for strengthening stability in the world, strategic stability, and we value this very much. We see that our Chinese partners and friends want to operate in the same way. For our part we intend to further develop the strategic partnership between the People's Republic of China based on the documents we signed in previous years, documents such as the Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation and on the strategic partnership. Based on these documents we were able to resolve a very difficult question in our relations. The Soviet Union and Russia negotiated the state border with the People's Republic of China for 40 years! I must say that in the history of Russian-Chinese relations the border issue was never resolved. We accomplished this very important task and took steps in order to meet each other half way. We have found acceptable solutions for both parties. Three years ago we set ourselves the goal of increasing our trade to 20 billion dollars. I want to tell you that last year -although we had wanted to do this over five years and this was two, two and a half years ago-in 2005 we already had 29 billion dollars of trade with the People's Republic of China. We already have a new goal: attaining 60 billion dollars of trade between our countries by 2010. This is perfectly realistic. I am convinced that if we have the same attitude towards our cooperation in the future, then we shall achieve this goal.What can we expect this from the visit to the People's Republic of China in spring of this year? We are going to open the year of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of China. I very much expect that this will take place at the very highest level and I am convinced that the events, these large scale events, will help our countries and peoples to draw closer to one another in the future.VERONIKA ROMANENKOVA (ITAR TASS): Two months have gone by since the last changes in the Government and the Presidential Executive Office. How would you evaluate the work done by the people you appointed and Mikhail Fradkov's cabinet as a whole? Can you call this the beginning of preparation for elections in 2008? And do you have offers regarding future places to work? Perhaps you will move to St Petersburg where the Constitutional Court will also be going?VLADIMIR PUTIN: Are you already banishing me?VERONIKA ROMANENKOVA: No.VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have already spoken about the results of work in 2005. There are problems that we have not resolved. We planned to keep inflation at 8,5 percent and we did not plan for the normal and real exchange rates of the rouble to increase so much. There are other issues that we could not resolve, that both the Government and the Central Bank could not resolve. However, in general the results of the Government's work are quite satisfactory.Regarding changes in the Government of the Russian Federation, they are designed to further improve the quality of the Government's work, especially when this is connected to implementing large-scale plans linked to priority national projects and paying more attention to the developing sectors of our economy, the high-tech field and the defence sector. The same goes for naming Dmitrii Medvedev First Vice Premier and promoting Sergei Borisovich Ivanov to Vice Premier so that, as one of the heads of Government, he can supervise all branches and fields of activity designed to increase our defence capabilities. Looking at the work done in January of this year shows that the decisions made were the right ones.Regarding elections, I don't think it is necessary to talk often about this. Of course one must always think about this within any democratic country but the Government of the Russian Federation must think about the results of its undertakings, undertakings that are reflected in the quality of life of Russian citizens, and this issue should be depoliticized. We must work as needed and not think about the elections and who will occupy which position or so on.

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