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Lyrics are in the Description.Most of you may already know me, but if you dont I'm a new rapper who creates his own beats and lyrics all by himself. This is my first song, I will try to make songs as fast as possible for you fans. this song is to see if you like my Lyrics, Beats, and how I flow with the beat.If you like this song, then you will definately like the other songs. My album will be about BatBoy rapping in the first 8 songs, then Joker makes a deal with BatBoy and raps the rest of the album. This song isnt my best, my best one isnt finished yet. Btw, I'm a 13 year old rapper, I have a long history of my life that is very personal, but I will release info of my life later because my life is a living hell, i'm still in the phase right now, fighting my way out this slum. (I used to live in the USA, But now I'm broke and I live in a 3rd World Country) This song is full of clever punchlines, wordplay, and some metaphors and similes. Its bragging about skill and How BatBoy will save rap from the rap criminals.in Gotham (aka: Rap Game)Verse 1 :I'm hip hop, I aint Hip POP, or thick ROCK, shit knocks you out like a hippy's pot, feelin' the hippy spot, killin' like a hippopot-imusYou cant top, but you'll bottom what I got and conquered upYoull rot cuz, dawg ya suck, your not the awesome one,I went for a walk and saw someone, so I shot him with a shotgun.sauce is blood of this hot chicken, thats how I warn the buns, see me, and your gonna want to run.so hot, that I'll warm the sunand make it my property, i'll probaby, kill the earth properly, with my hot bubbly flames that the sun could not degreeand i'll win the degree of being the hottest, i'll get my props early.but surely, sir needs to promise me, to disagree with this democracy.I have found the hip hop prophacy, and you have alot to see about my monsterly lyrics that'll make you stomp your feet, to make you march and to follow me. Watch out for the black hole cuz I dont want to see, you fall homie, these aliens on top of me.Hoppin' like a hippy is an hip hop sin, so saying hip is not nerdy.Hip hop isnt religion, but my next rhyme hops in the door, like I am alot worthy, get it? wordy? mark my words in your notebook and say word up like wordgirl. Me and myself an do whatever I galore, but what else hops in the door the same way hopsin scores.Verse 2:I feel tip top, I aint a big flop, or dripped snot, but this kid gotskill that you can and will not match, I stand and still rock.Tip topping on my shirt like a kid with a messy habit, i cant stop this but, i will not give up, rap is my pot, my alchoholic drug, lyrics are the shots, beats are the polished rugs, that I kick down on after I'm all drugged up, take your ball out this game, i'm tossin em, think im losing punchlines? I'm just startin emI spin a round in circles while your trapped in the freezer clock until your all hard and numb.The reaper of rap is born again, its time to run.He is back to reap earth (rebirth), not to make farms to runbut to raise hell like it was his charmin sonRaise hell fatherly, conversely, most rappers are not dirtyat their game, they are improperly rapppin about giberish that is not worthy to earn more cash than the lottery, Young money robbed fame away from talent, they are all part of a robbery.Once batboy's out, he'll stop your dreams, he'll cop your schemes from being famous and to ruin hip hop's real streets.The rap game is gotham, and I'll stop the creeps, put rap criminals in the arkham asylum for their harsh ol' deeds.Word Up! Wordboy's here, bow down on a feat- urewith me before, or else you'll witness me murdering a beat,like Eminem on the record, "forever", I'll be the rabbit on a turtle beach. I'm gonna be rappin Infinity and Beyond.

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